Whether you’re embarking on life as a ‘grey nomad’ or taking the kids on the trip of a lifetime, the road will eventually bring you to our home, the Paroo Shire, a ‘destination location’ nestled in the south west corner of Queensland, and a place where travellers meet and experience the best of outback Australia. 

Whilst absorbing the outback experience is the main objective, staying safe as you travel in some vast and remote parts of Queensland is just as important.  So, to help you stay safe and make the journey as memorable as possible we’ve compiled a few key safety tips to keep in mind. 

  1. A few hundred kilometres does sound a lot until you have to drive it!  The distances between towns and petrol stations can range from a few kilometres to several hundred, so it’s important to have enough supplies for the journey.  We recommend planning your day and overnight stops carefully.  Ensure you carry spare water, fuel, tyres and even a fan belt at all times.
  2. Avoid traveling at night to minimise the risk of collisions with native wildlife and as a sensible personal safety strategy. 
  3. Due to vast distances and transport costs you’ll find the price of food, drinks and fuel will vary across the outback.  To help manage the budget we recommend doing larger shops as you travel through the main regional towns such as Cunnamulla.
  4. Avoid fatigue and the chances of road crashes by taking regular rest stops and refreshing with a cool drink and a snack!  Don’t forget your pets also need a rest stop for water, food and a ‘you know what’!
  5. Mobile phone coverage can be unpredictable outside of town areas.  Some highways are well covered, and others are patchy at best.  If you’re going to travel in remote areas, we recommend investing (purchase or rent) in a UHF radio or satellite phone.
  6. GPS devices are valuable in the event of an emergency.  You’ll be able to quote accurate coordinates to the emergency services ensuring help arrives quickly, and they won’t have to waste time searching for you.
  7. Not every road in the outback is high quality sealed bitumen!  You’ll find a mix of sealed and unsealed roads.  Some unsealed roads (especially leading to popular tourist areas) are well maintained and easily travelled with 2WD vehicles, and others require a 4WD.  Be guided by road signage, notes on maps,  and the advice of locals when traveling in remote areas.   

One last thing……….visiting the outback will be an adventure that you’ll remember all your life.  Whilst safety is important, don’t forget to slow down, take your time, relax, and absorb everything our Shire has to offer. 

Contact the team at the Cunnamulla Fella Visitors Centre and start planning your journey. 

The Paroo Shire is truly part of the amazing outback Queensland experience – come and Live like a local!

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For further information or media enquiries contact Barbara Mason, Tourism Coordinator, Paroo Shire Council.

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