In the age of 24/7 news cycles, long working hours and a society that seems to move at an unsustainable pace, it’s only natural for people to seek out a better way and bring some healthy balance to their lives.  It’s this desire to correct the imbalance that the terms ‘green change’ and ‘sea change’ have evolved to mean relocating to a country or seaside community, and re-set the balance between work, home, family, recreation and community. 

In 2018 if you’re wanting to lock in all those benefits you can’t go past a ‘gold change’ and move to the golden soil of the Paroo Shire.  Perfectly nestled in the south west corner of Queensland, Paroo Shire is known as a ‘destination location’ for tourism and outback travellers who want to experience the best outback Australia can offer.  Today, that experience is available all year if you embrace the ‘gold change’, move to Paroo Shire, and become a local.

Steeped in history the local towns of Cunnamulla, Eulo, Wyandra and Yowah have their own unique personalities and are centres of commerce, travel, tourism and a relaxed lifestyle only the outback can offer. 

Moving to Paroo Shire offers you years of exploring amazing locations, attractions and events such as the famous Cunnamulla Fella Festival, and the equally impressive Yowah Opal Festival, Artesian Mud Baths, Tinnenburra Shearing Shed, and the Wyandra Heritage Trail as just the start.  Back that up with dinosaurs, Indigenous cultural attractions, National Parks, and amazing fauna and flora and you’ll never regret embracing the gold!

Some of the other benefits you’ll enjoy as a local include:

  • House prices – The cost of housing is the envy of the major cities with variety, quality and good pricing. 
  • Services – Paroo Shire has all government and community services close by including police, fire, ambulance, SES, local council, hospitals, doctors, schools, child care and more. 
  • Employment – Job opportunities are at the heart of any thriving community.  Whether you’re wanting to work in the farming sector, government, hospitality, retail, medical, transport or other areas real opportunities exist for you today!
  • Culture – The Performing Arts and Community Centre in Cunnamulla is a true hub of activity, and the scene of many local performances and activities.  The region is steeped in Indigenous culture and the culture of outback Australia. 

Moving to Paroo Shire will introduce you to a welcoming local community, and a range of activities and experiences that will change your life!  Opportunities are waiting for you right now!   

The Paroo Shire is truly part of the amazing outback Queensland experience – come and Live like a local!

yowah artesian bore display
Eulo Queen Opal stall

For further information or media enquiries contact Barbara Mason, Tourism Coordinator, Paroo Shire Council.

Tel: 07 4655 8477
Mob: 0427 250 595
Email: [email protected]

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