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Paroo Shire is a special place where the west meets the east – a place where the hard red soils of the arid inland give way to the soft red soil country reaching out to the coast. The blacksoil plains of the Paroo and Warrego rivers straddle this divide separated by the jumpup country that stands between them.

The Cunnamulla Bushlands invites you to explore this special landscape. Learn how the plants you find along the way can help you to read the country just like a local The Bushlands are located at the eastern approach into Cunnamulla on the Mitchell Highway.

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The Cunnamulla Bushlands have been created by Paroo Shire Council to represent in one location the variety of landscapes you’ll encounter as you travel around the region.

The plants here have mostly been propagated from seeds and cuttings collected by Council employees in the course of their work around the shire.

The creekline powered by artesian water is the anchor around which the garden has been planted.

Keep track of where plants in the garden are located relative to this waterbody. Plants growing beside the water are found along the river floodplains.

Those set back here on slightly elevated ground, are naturally found on the drier country away from the creeklines.

As you walk around the Cunnamulla Bushlands you will see numbered markers beside some of the plants.

Use the interactive menu below to discover more about these feature plants. Refer to the Bushlands Map to see where they are located in the precinct.

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