Heritage Trails

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Discover our colourful stories for yourself on the Paroo Pioneer Pathways around Cunnamulla, Eulo and Wyandra. These heritage trails, each with their own story to tell, retrace our towns’ histories and connect you with our local characters.

Arrival of Wool for Market, Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Heritage Trail

Discover the unique town character and the story behind many of the historical buildings and businesses including hotels, saddlery, Tonkin House, churches and The Warrego Watchman. Walk the trail at your own pace or join a guided tour with a knowledgeable local. Ask at the Cunnamulla Fella Centre for a booklet and more details.

Wyandra Heritage Trail

During the late 1800s Wyandra had two butcher shops, a baker, a blacksmith, three stores, a bookmaker and two saw mills. There were twenty-five slab huts along the riverbank which were occupied mainly by sawmill workers. The market gardens on the Warrego supplied fresh fruit and vegetables. Find out more when you follow the Wyandra Heritage Trail. Pick up a copy of the guide at the Visitor Information Centre in Cunnamulla or at local Wyandra businesses.

Eulo Heritage Trail

The Eulo Heritage Trail gives you a great insight into the wild days of Eulo. A police station was established to contain the ‘riff raff’ coming across the border from New South Wales. This was a time when the Eulo Queen reigned supreme. There’s many an interesting story to be learned along the trail. Follow the self-guided trail or request a local guide. More information is available at the Visitor Information Centre in Cunnamulla and the businesses in Eulo.

Don’t forget to call in at the Cunnamulla Fella Visitor Centre and pick up your Heritage Trail Guide