3 Day Eulo & Yowah

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Day 1 – Queen of Opals

Visit the Eulo Queen Hotel, named after the thrice-married pub owner and opal trader, Isabel Gray. Now the only surviving hotel of an original three when opal mining was at its peak. Call into the Eulo Belle Arts & Opal Centre for a chance to purchase locally sourced opals, Aboriginal art and gourmet local produce.

Eulo Belle Arts Opal Centre

Day 2 – Nut or gem?

Discover the story of the opal in Yowah. Spend a few days exploring this ‘living gallery’ with its distinctive galleries dotted around the town. Find out more on the unique Yowah nut that’s not a nut. Experienced opal miners will crack open thousands of nuts to find gem colour which regularly sell for thousands of dollars. Try your hand at fossicking in an area adjacent to town.

Day 3 – Meet the locals

Play a round of golf at the Yowah golf course with its open-air clubhouse, sandy greens and fairways. Wind down with a luxurious soak in ancient Artesian waters at Yowah Bore Baths then meet the locals at the community fireside barbeque. Head to the Sunday Tailgaters Stall which starts around noon. Expect to be awed by the range of opals and locally produced craft on sale.